At a family portrait session, asking parents to do this one thing makes it the most important part of my session.

When I shoot a family portrait, often I ask the parents to step in front of my camera.  Sometimes I get a quizzical look, and almost all of the time parents oblige.  Often what they find on the other end of the camera is fun, laughter, and smiles.  This sometimes surprises them, and always brings me joy.   Couple portraits are family portraits, too!

It was Ralph Waldo Emerson who said, “It is a talent to know how to play.”

Couple portraits and family portraits

Life gets busy, to-do’s take over, and who has time to play?  But that one act – taking time for yourself – turns out to be invaluable.  Because in 5-10 years wouldn’t you want your children to look back on the photographs of their parents and see them laughing together?

Mom and Dad need to be included in family portrait sessions

And isn’t it glorious to have a photograph that shows the time you spent with your favorite people – or your favorite person?


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