Imogen Cunningham said something that has inspired me and stuck with me all these years | Family Portraits & Event Photography

It was Imogen Cunningham who once said,

“The thing that’s fascinating

about portraiture

is that nobody is alike.”


When I first stumbled across these words while working on another project, I thought nothing of them. Then, as time went on, her words had a way of sticking with me.  They came to mind every time I went out on a shoot.

Events in Chapel Hill, NC should always be photographed.

They came to mind when I looked through the viewfinder to capture the smiles of a family or the details of an anniversary celebration.

Event Photography with Barbara Bell Photography means capturing all the details of your event at the Chapel Hill Country Club

Her words stayed with me because the truth is that no matter how many family portraits I have captured, no matter how many milestone events, there are no two smiles, faces, families, or groups who are alike.

Gala celebration at the NC State House in Raleigh, NC. Barbara Bell Photography captured the fun, the festivities, and the toast.

To be able to photograph is to capture each moment unique to the bride, the family, the friends, and the companies that want to preserve and hold on to the memory of that moment for years – and even generations – to come.

Black and White Family Portraits in Chapel Hill, North Carolina | Barbara Bell Photography

If you find yourself looking for a photographer, allow me to help you capture your family’s special moment.  Showing people in their best light and what makes them uniquely fabulous is how I create the photographs that matter the most.

Family Portrait Session in Chapel Hill, NC | Barbara Bell Photography

Contact us today to capture your family and your extended family for portraits, as well as the moments that are uniquely yours.

Family Portrait Session in Chapel Hill, NC


Barbara Bell Photography shoots family portraits and event photography near Chapel Hill, NC


“We create photographs

To inspire families

To share their memories…”