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Speaking of real talk…did you know that when it comes to New Year’s resolutions getting organized is the sixth most popular resolution with 18 percent of Americans making this pledge for the new year, according to a recent survey by Nielsen?

How do I organize my photos?

One of the most popular organization questions I am often asked is how to deal with all the photos we take.

How do I organize my digital photos?

Photo Credit: Lifehacker

The Photo Research department at the Smithsonian Institution Archives says it best:

“Finding specific images can be a daunting task…”

No. Joke.

Which is why there is a system for everyone out there, and it’s a matter of figuring out which system works best for you.

For example, what do you want to do with your photographs and images? Do you want to save them for generations to come? Do you want to be able to pull up the image on your phone when you need it?
You can read about how to organize your smartphone photos in an article I wrote for Southern Neighbor here.

Community Column: ‘Tis the Season to Organize (and Print!) the Images Captured with your Smartphone

Techlicious offers tips here to keep your digital photos organized

Techlicious shares some great ideas on how to organize your photos.

Photo Credit: Techlicious

and Lifehacker gives you options on how to corral all your digital images out there.

(For the record, I prefer #3 on the Lifehacker article…)

No matter how you choose to store your images, find the system that works for you and make tweaks as needed.

Most importantly, print out your favorites so you can enjoy them in real life. What empty spot needs to be filled with one of your fave photos?

How will you display your photos?



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