Celebrating December birthdays is a great way to close out this year!

For the past year on this blog, I wanted to highlight client birthdays and milestones once a month.

You see, I love birthdays.  I think milestone events like the day we are born are a big deal.  These are the details that make up our lives.

(My birthday often falls on Thanksgiving.)  And instead of getting lost in the holiday hubbub, I like to carve out time to do my favorite things, like go for a hike outdoors (this proved more difficult in the Northeast where I grew up…snow storms were a real thing).

So I wanted to do something for my clients to recognize them, their families, and their events.  It’s easy to forget in the day-to-day that these things matter.

For next year’s milestones and highlights, we’ll move this to Instagram.  Come follow me there!  My personal Instagram is filled with food and family and my dog, Whitby Bell.

Whitby Bell

(Okay, it’s mostly my dog.)

Now, onto those December birthdays!

Capturing client milestones is a favorite part of Barbara Bell Photography.

To start the birthday celebration, we want to give a shoutout to this Dad.  He was a champ with changing, feeding, cuddling, and entertaining when we photographed his daughter for her newborn session.

A kiss for a sweet baby during our newborn session in Chapel Hill, NC

This mom keeps her tribe running, and anyone with children in high school know that it’s no easy feat to keep up with who needs to be where and when!  Happiest of birthday wishes to her!

Family portrait session in Charlotte, North Carolina

This sweet lady here AMAZES me with all that she does: business owner, business mentor, wife, volunteer tech for the American Motorcycle Federation…and the list goes on.  Happiest of birthday wishes to her!

Barbara Bell Photography captures smiles at award ceremonies.

Whose birthday are you celebrating in December?  What a way to end the year by starting a brand new birthday year!


Barbara Bell Photography in Chapel Hill, North Carolina