Why is June the most popular month for weddings? | Chapel Hill, North Carolina Photographer

Hello, June!  This month is known for its kick off to summer, school getting out, and so much more!

It’s when we get to pack away the winter clothes, take out those shorts and sundresses, and feel a little sunshine on our arms.

(For my dog, I think he believes it is time to run through and submerge himself in every creek and stream near our house…)

June is also the most popular month for weddings (followed by August and then September), and I often wonder where the tradition of a June bride originated.  So I did a little research, and I was fascinated by where my curiosity led me.

The first belief is that the month of June is named after the Roman god, Juno, who was the Roman goddess of marriage.  According to Plutarch, a Greek philosopher, the couples who married in June would be blessed with prosperity and happiness.

In medieval times, a person took an annual bath…yes, you read that correctly…people bathed ONCE A YEAR…and the annual bath was scheduled in May or June so you were a bit fresher to wed your love.

In Victorian times, the tradition is thought to have continued because there were fresh flowers blooming in June.  Perfect timing for wedding decorations, wouldn’t you say?  In fact, the scent of the flowers masked any body odor and the custom of a bride carrying a bouquet down the aisle stemmed from this.

There are other beliefs that June weddings worked out better in terms of the annual harvest (a woman could time the conception of her child and still be available to help in the fields), the financial year (if a person marries in June, he or she is considered to have been a married person for the whole financial year, starting on July 1st).

Being a September bride myself, the lore is certainly entertaining to read, but I am so grateful for modern times, bath rituals, and choosing a wedding date that is personal to the bride and groom.

Throughout the month of June, I’ll share a few more wedding tidbits.  Like did you know when the first engagement ring was given?  Stay tuned…