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As this month of love wraps up, I wanted to send an additional birthday wish out to our clients and friends who were born in the month of February.  I think Style By Twee said it best when she posted this image on Instagram!

Oh, Hello February

Photo Credit: Style by Twee/Instagram

For the first of the birthdays this month, a special shout out to this guy who turned 6 years old.  I feel like there is great adventure awaiting him. It could be his fun-loving personality or that twinkle in his eye.  Either way, he’s bound for great things.  I captured this fun shot of him during our portrait session last fall.  It may be one of my all-time favorite squeezes.

A child with his parents

I have all the #hearteyes for this image of this child holding his parents' hands in Durham, NC

This sweet gal standing up between mom and dad turned three years old and her brother (on dad’s lap) turned one!  February is truly a month of celebration for this fam!

Family Portraits in Morrisville, North Carolina

Family Portraits in Morrisville,  NC | Barbara Bell Photography

We recently caught up with her while she had grandparents visiting and got to capture some sweet hugs and snuggles during our portrait session.

Going in for a hug with grandma | Black and white portraiture

Authentic Lifestyle Portraits | Barbara Bell Photography

This sweet momma also celebrated her birthday!

a mother and her child in a black and white portrait

Mother and child portraits in black and white in Boston, MA

This black and white image captured during their portrait session is one of my favorites.  Mom looks serene and sweet J was having a quiet moment herself.   Our lives grow stronger in these moments.  The ones where we think nothing is happening, but everything is happening in this time we share together.

The quote I chose to post with it on Instagram seemed perfect, and it still resounds with me today. Sophia Lauren said:

“When you are a mother, you are never really alone in your thoughts.

A mother always has to think twice: once for herself, and once for her child.”

This dad celebrated his birthday by spending it on the slopes, and the quiet moment captured I captured with his family in our portrait session reminds me of a conversation I had with his wife. She and I had been chatting about taking photographs, and we had come to the conclusion that you aren’t capturing images just for yourself.  We photograph to capture the images of our family to be shared with generations.  This photograph is not simply for today.  It is for years to come.

black and white family photo

Family Portrait Session in San Carlos, CA | Barbara Bell Photography

This sweet guy turned seven this month!  With this inquisitive look on his face, he reminds me that our portrait session was one with great playtime that involved mom, dad, and his big brother.  He also reminds me that seven was IT!  (I loved being seven.)  So…Mr. 007 – have a great time with your year ahead.

Black and white family portraits

San Carlos Family Portraits in Black and White | Barbara Bell Photography

Two final gals on our February birthday roll call…one was Valerie, younger sister to Edwin, who we highlighted last month.  Valerie was just the sweetest and very kind.  One of my favorite images from her family’s portrait session was of her and her mom with the fall leaves as a backdrop.  These two have a special relationship.

Mother and daughter portrait session

Mother and daughter sit together during a fall portrait session | Barbara Bell Photography

The second, who has become a dear friend over the years, is Katie.  Katie is the gal who makes my hair look fabulous, who spots me walking down the street and says, “I recognized your curls as they went by!”  She is currently with Tutto Capelli Salon in San Carlos and if you need a little pampering and self-care or curly-hair taming or straight hair loving…she’s your gal!

Katie Whearley is the hair artist to watch!

Go see Katie if your hair needs some TLC!

To all of our clients, colleagues, family, and friends, if you celebrated your birthday this past month, happiest of birthday wishes!



PS – Contact me today if you are interested in capturing your family’s portrait session or special event! BB

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