A mother’s hands hold the history of love that is written there | Family Portrait Session in Chapel Hill, NC

In the creases of a mother’s hands there is a history of love written there. 

Children's Portraits | Barbara Bell Photography

Portraits with your newborn capture one moment in time | Chapel Hill, North Carolina

Over the years I have photographed mothers and their children, seen their smiles and captured their hugs.  I have been a witness to the history they create together.  It starts before Day One, but the days that I get to photograph them?  That writes my history. 

Family Portrait Session in Chapel Hill, NC

A kiss for a sweet baby during our newborn session in Chapel Hill, NC  

When this two-month old baby came to the studio, she was cradled by her mother’s hands, held in her father’s arms, and loved by both.  Together, we wrote a part of this family’s history.

A father cradles his newborn daughter | Chapel Hill, North Carolina