What does this girl need in her portrait session? | First Communion Portraits

What does one girl need in a portrait session?  Her family to join in the fun!

I love when siblings join in a portrait session for so many reasons, especially when it comes to First Communion portraits.

This brother and sister came to Barbara Bell Photography for their First Communion portrait session.

This milestone event is a very special day, and having your brother or your sister with you to join in the fun can help you to feel more relaxed.  (More relaxed = more natural smiles and expressions!)

A First Communion portrait marks the important occasion.

This day – this image – we captured sweet smiles on both this beauty and her brother.

This young gentleman had his First Communion Portrait taken to be treasured for years to come.Brother and Sister in their First Communion Portrait with Barbara Bell Photography

The beauty of siblings is that they share a history all their own.  It’s their own world, and it’s something unique to them, to their relationship, to all the laughter that they share while growing together.

Brothers and Sisters captured by Barbara Bell Photography have more fun during a portrait session.

A child’s First Communion portrait at Barbara Bell Photography allows the young gentleman or the young lady to have a special portrait session for this special day.

A boy's First Communion portrait at Barbara Bell Photography allows the young gentleman to have his own special portrait session for this special day.

Over the years, I noticed that moms may not get into the portrait fun for a number of reasons:

  • they don’t feel ready
  • they’ve been rushing to get everyone else ready
  • they feel a bit self-conscious
  • they can’t remember the last time they got in front of the camera

But here’s what I see…the children always want mom in the photo with them!  They hug, they smile, and I get to feel their love, as well.

Mom gets into the First Communion portrait, too, with Barbara Bell Photography.

Photographing First Communions is a heartfelt passion project of mine, and I was thrilled to capture these sweet smiles!

Who should join – brothers, sisters, moms?

EVERYONE, is what I say!  The more the merrier!


Portrait and Event Photography near Chapel Hill, NCBarbara Bell Photography photographs a girl on her First Communion day. This means that she gets to dress up and feel as special as the day itself.

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