Preparing your holiday cards + 100 days to Christmas | Chapel Hill, NC

Now that it’s back to school time – in my mind – it is also holiday card time. 🎄

I know!  I know!  Don’t hate me – it’s just how my brain works.  Timelines and prep work – that’s how I roll.

Let me put it another way, but please don’t freak out.  As of today’s date, Christmas is 100 days away. 😳

100. Days. Away. 😳😳😳

Before we go any further with what that means for each of you reading this blog, let’s take a stroll down History Lane by asking the question, “Why do we send holiday cards and how did this tradition get started?”


LiveScience had the best explanation, “people have been sending each other letters and cards wishing each other well and marking special occasions since mail carriers rode stallions and carried swords, but specifically, the Christmas card custom began in early 19th century England.  During that time, it was common for British students to send their parents progress reports as Christmas approached.”

This was a chance for them to brag about good grades and boast about their accomplishments.  The intention of the letters were an update to their parents, but also a great way to say “I’ve been good! Give me the prezzies I want!”


Christmas cards really came into fashion when they started to be printed and marketed this way. In the late 1830s, shortly after the introduction of the penny post in England, the tradition of mailing out Christmas cards came into vogue…and exists today as a way to reach out to the people in our lives that we don’t get to see on a regular basis.

The holiday card we sent out last year showed off the newest additions to our family: a dog, bees, and baby chicks, as well as ourselves.  This year I decided to start a Pinterest board for Holiday Card Ideas to get those creative juices flowing.


I love to look at holiday cards, get some ideas, pull some colors, book a photographer (yes, this professional photographer has learned to hire her own photographer to get great images of us so I can share them with my family).  After all that, I can choose my fave photos, order my cards, and then hold some time on my calendar for writing and sending these well wishes out into the holiday stratosphere.

If you haven’t booked your holiday portrait session, contact me today, I’d love to photograph you and your family.

If you are looking for some holiday card ideas, check out this board on Pinterest.

If you are ready to order your holiday cards, TinyPrints always has a great variety.

If you want something more customized, ping me, and I’d be happy to help bounce some ideas around with you.

With 100 days until Christmas, I can’t wait to see the holiday cards that arrive in our mailbox!