Life Lately – Hurricanes, Photo Sessions, and Chickens in the House…literally…chickens in my house

Phew!  We survived Hurricane Matthew with little issue.  The power stayed on. Trees stayed upright.  To the people who were less fortunate with their homes and their businesses, my thoughts are with you.

Usually a rainy day for me means staying inside to bake.  Last week, though, our oven died so in planning for the hurricane weather, I had candles at the ready.

In preparation for Hurricane Matthew.

In preparation for Hurricane Matthew

It wasn’t the oven itself that died, but the controls that turn it off and on, and since it’s such an old model, replacement parts no longer exist for the worn out panelboard.  So, until a replacement arrives, we are getting creative with cooking by using the grill, stovetop, or the crockpot.  (Last night’s dinner was care of our crockpot and Foxes Love Lemons with her Asian Short Rib Tacos.  No photos are available as we DEVOURED this bit of yumminess!)

Foxes Love Lemons...amazing food blogger who makes dinnertime at our house a tasty affair!

Foxes Love Lemons...amazing food blogger who makes dinnertime at our house a tasty affair!

With the turn in weather, I rescheduled the family portrait sessions that were supposed to take place this weekend so a big thank you to everyone for their flexibility!  We’ll get these holiday portrait sessions done in no time.  Luckily, when families book their sessions in August, September, and October, we have some leeway in case of weather.  Consider it a game of ‘Rain Roulette.’

Speaking of sessions, I met the sweetest sisters, aged 13 and 10 years old, when their mom booked a family portrait for them (+ Dad).  Here’s a sneak peek of these two:

Sweet sisters

Sweet sisters

Among these photo sessions, my mom came to visit!  It’s always, always, always a treat to spend time with her, especially when we are making ravioli together.  Ravioli is one of those things you make in good company.  It’s a wee bit of a process and takes some time, but the result?  So, so worth it!


Homemade ravioli tastes so, so good!

What foods do you like to cook with your family?

Takeout counts, too!  I believe in the “If you plate it, you made it” school of thought.


Oh, and yes – there is one chicken in particular who comes inside the house whenever a door is left open.  What gives, chicken!?

Chicken in the house!

Chicken in the house!