Five Photos | A new look, a milestone ceremony, and life as an adventure

Have you missed Friday’s Five Photos? I’ve certainly missed posting it. Notice anything else? Yes, I am now on a different blogging platform! I’ve loved using Blogger, and you can still find the previous posts there.

To evolve, we must change, and the past few months have brought great change for me, for BBPhoto, and for life in general. I’ll get to all that in coming posts, but for now…Five Photos!

April arrived with a new logo and a new look for the Barbara Bell Photography website, thanks to the super-creative peeps at Eye Integrated Communications. I’ve always held to the style mantra of simple and elegant, with pops of color. This new front page of my website is soooo me! I wanted visitors to get a glimpse at my personality, and the visuals on the site do that – dontcha’ think??

This fall, Barbara Bell Photography will be entering its teen years with a 13th birthday to celebrate.  With all this growing up, it was time to update our logo to reflect how we (this company and me!) have evolved.  I still believe that the details of our lives matter, and I look forward to many more years with clients who have become friends and friends who have become a part of my tribe and my family.


Barbara Bell Photography's new logo

A new logo as we prepare to enter our teen years!



May brought my 11th year photographing a First Communion ceremony and over 90 children making this sacrament in the church. Biggest. Group. Ever. And we crushed it! Those smiles, their excitement, and capturing it all makes me grateful for the opportunity to work with the families, friends, and staff of St. Charles Church in San Carlos. I love their joy on this milestone day.


My 11th year photographing First Communions at St Charles Church in San Carlos, CA never gets old!

My 11th year photographing First Communions at St Charles Church in San Carlos, CA never gets old!


June…well, what can I say about June other than this was a month of wild change, a cross-country roadtrip, and my belief that our lives are one great adventure!

I finished my work at Facebook, which was an amazing place where I could thrive and work on things that I was passionate about. I was humbled by the creative talent in this space, not just people who design and code, but the people who lead, encourage, and every day re-define what it means to be open and connected. I bleed blue for a company that believes in shipping love.


Facebook believes in shipping love - it's even etched into their floors.

Facebook believes in shipping love - it's even etched into their floors.


Thanks to the thoughtfulness of my sweetheart, I took a mini-vaycay in Seattle. I love this city because it’s so walkable, and you can hike your heart out. On this trip, I decided that I am – in fact – in love with Mt. Rainier. It is so striking and majestic – no matter if I was in West Seattle or further outside of the city, this called to my adventure-loving sense of self. Also, I would like to hike this mountain one day. (It’s officially ON MY LIST!)


Hiking along and when I look up and see Mt. Rainier, it took my breath away.


The fifth photo was a tough choice, as there was a lot of capture in this month. I made a cross-country roadtrip, and if I had to pick one photo…and this was a tough, tough decision…I’d pick the exterior shot of the Johnny Cash Museum in Nashville, Tennessee.


The Johnny Cash Museum in Nashville, TN

Stumbled across this lil' gem while driving cross-country - The Johnny Cash Museum in Nashville, TN


I had no idea this even existed! We stumbled upon it only because it was a couple of blocks from our hotel, and we were heading to Broadway to listen to a band play. Serendipity, wouldn’t you say?

I like Johnny Cash’s music, and I have fond memories of driving along to “A Boy Named Sue” and “One Piece at a Time” from previous road trips – with my sweetheart, with my brother, and even on my own. Late night? Long drive? Johnny Cash will get you home.

More than anything, though, I liked Johnny Cash and his connection with June Carter Cash. I have learned that the people who come into our lives make us better at what we do and who we are.

Isn’t that a testament to a true love story?


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