Five Photos: September

Holy, moly!  It’s my favorite season already, and a lil’ ol’ hurricane named Joaquin is making it wet, wet, wet on the East Coast.  Hoping everyone stays safe!

September and Labor Day Weekend brought good friends closer.

Bell and Roth

Lovely weekend spent with friends.

John and his daughter, Sophie, joined us for BLTs at Merritt’s, a supply run to Lowe’s where Sophie and I took a chair and the guys went looking for supplies and tools, and dinner at Raaga (YUM!)  Alas, our time together was too short, but luckily, they’re just a few hours away from us.  I see more get-togethers in our future!

This past month also held two significant anniversaries, making it a bittersweet time for me.  One was the 10th anniversary of the passing of my brother, Sgt. Pierre A. Raymond.


He was serving in Iraq when he was hit by an IED.  I’ve learned a lot about grief in that time.  I’ve also learned that I can choose to be angry because I’ve lost someone I love or I can live an outrageously grateful life for the time we had together.  I choose outrageously grateful to have known someone who was good and kind and always believed in taking the higher road.

The sweeter of the two anniversaries happened on September 23rd.


15 years of adventures together started on a beautiful fall day. Thank you to Paul Streeter who captured our wedding day.

My huckleberry and I celebrated our 15th wedding anniversary.  To a man who has made me smile from the very first time I met him to our first date to 15 years of marriage later, I know that I am the luckiest girl.

More good news for us is that we are (finally!) getting a dog!  Yay!!!  In the past, we’d toy with the idea of getting a dog, but then looked at the number of hours where we worked away from home or were traveling, and it didn’t seem fair to get a dog just to have him at home all the time.

Welcome to Whitby, who is coming to join us at the end of this month.

Welcome to Whitby, who is coming to join us at the end of this month. Photo by Dan Bell

Whitby will be joining us at the end of this month, but we got to visit him recently.  He is three months old and the biggest in his litter of 8, so people often think he’s older than he is.  If you watch him run, though, he’s got that I’m-a-lab-who-doesn’t-quite-fit-into-my-feet-yet kind of gait.  It’s adorable!  Can’t wait to share more photos of him and our adventures.  I do love black labs, and I am so excited he is coming to join the Bell household!

Finally, there was a trip.  Dan had a big long business trip so I decided to join him…to Zurich, to London, and to visit the Bells of Fonthill Gifford.  This was my first trip to Zurich, and I loved what a walkable city it was, especially Old Town.

London was as glamorous as ever!

A taste of what London has to offer.

A taste of what London has to offer.

There was a SHOE exhibit at the Victoria and Albert Museum and an Audrey Hepburn exhibit at the National Portrait Gallery.  Shoes, Audrey Hepburn, and iconic style???  September, you were fab!

What was it like for you?



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