First Communion Portraits have taught me that every child has a song in their heart | San Carlos, CA Photographer | Chapel Hill, NC Photographer

Having worked with children for years now – initially as an first grade teacher and then as a portrait and event photographer – I know one thing for sure.  I know that all the children I have ever met have a song in their hearts.

Family Portraits

Every child.

Event Photography | Barbara Bell Photography

Sometimes it’s a quiet melody

First Communion Portraits | Barbara Bell Photography

and other times it’s a bring-down-the-roof kind of song,

but always-always-always, there is a song in that heart.

First Communion Portraits

First Communion Portraits are my passion project | Barbara Bell Photography

Being a photographer who has the privilege of photographing families and events, sometimes that song can be translated into images.

It’s the quiet moments where we get to gather together.

It’s the friends who squeeze each other tight.

First Communion Portraits | Barbara Bell Photography

It was no different assembling 74 seven-year-olds last weekend at St Charles Church to photograph their 2017 First Communion ceremony – one of the seven sacraments in the Catholic Church. The excitement was palpable.

St Charles Church | Barbara Bell Photography

I am completely humbled to be able to capture these children, their enthusiasm, as well as the families and friends who came out to support them.