Maitland Law Firm’s 14th Annual Holiday Open House | Event Photography | Chapel Hill, North Carolina

I love when I get to work with a really fabulous team who is passionate about what they do and who they interact with.   This law firm, their people, and the community they’ve created in Chapel Hill, North Carolina believes in Carolina Blue, friendship, and being so very real and authentic.

Maitland Law Firm gets in the holiday spirit at their 14th Annual Open House | Barbara Bell Photography

How do I know that?  It shows in the photographs I captured at their 14th Annual Holiday Open House.  You can’t fake those smiles and that laughter.   Watch the slideshow below to see for yourself.

Maitland Law Firm is the Chapel Hill law firm of accomplished attorneys with local roots.  The sense of community that they have created is evidence that they can provide stability and guidance when life has handed you an unexpected challenge while making sure your legal needs are met.