Celebrations define who we are as a community | Event Photography in Chapel Hill, North Carolina

 In this time of shelter in place, I want to take a moment to talk about celebrations and events. Over the coming few days, we’ll look at how these are changing, and how people are innovating to bring us together while keeping everyone safe.

We celebrate many different events, and all these celebrations bring people together, often with the goal of peace and harmony.  This morning, I had the pleasure of photographing the first Mass for Deacon Kevin Sullivan at the Newman Center. 

Deacon Kevin Sullivan celebrates his first Mass ast UNC's Newmant Center with Barbara Bell Photography near Chapel Hill, NC.

First time experiences hold a unique and formative power over us. They are building blocks, helping us to construct a solid sense of who we are in the world.  Every time we do something new and for the first time, people are receptive to the excitement this brings.  Our families gather to support us, and collectively we create a memory that we can share for years to come.  Think about when you get together with friends and family.  Often in the conversation, someone will say, “Remember that time…?”

When Barbara Bell Photography photographs families and events, she ensures that this is a moment families will remember for generations to come.

And we can – and we do – together.


Masses – gatherings of groups of people – all look different today, as they should. The world changes, and we change with it.  We still celebrate, though.


We create photographs to inspire families to share their memories | Barbara Bell Photography near Chapel Hill